Category: Chile

Tuto Secondolo (Chile)

Likes: Playing with paper balls, his ball of wool, sleeping on owner’s neck, talking, watching TV or listening to music, chasing flies, bathing | Dislikes: Annoying noises, when his space isn’t respected, not getting attention when he wants to play | Age: 2 months +108   



Kitty (Chile)

Likes: Sleeping, playing, biting, running, scratching, jumping, chasing insects and birds, breaking things, eating, watching the Simpsons | Dislikes: Being disturbed when sleeping or quiet, being chased or yelled at, being punished after breaking things | Age: 1 year +69   



Didi (Chile)

Likes: Sleeping, eating, massages | Dislikes: When he doesn’t have fresh water, when his sister bothers him | Age: 10 months +49