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Koshka (Mexico)

 Likes: Playing with socks, chains, and any metal objects, she likes to lick faces, hide under the newspaper and blankets (she think is the best place to watch quietly and catch you like prey) and playing with her litter box | Dislikes: Being tickled on her belly +1044   



Vili (Finland)

Likes: Being outside, playing with dog’s toys, cat toys, balls, stalking birds, sleeping, being petted & beds | Dislikes: Water, when someone touches his belly, bell collars, being alone | Age: 2 years +115   



Camille (Australia)

Likes: Breakfast, dinner, her apartment (she has her own 2-storey apartment), cat grass | Dislikes: Tilly, the mower man, vacuum cleaner, confrontational situations in general | Age: 2.5 years +1563